MailArt (en)


01. Scope:
Work scope is free but must be related with the illustration of one of Gouveia’s most emblematic trees, that became the expression of the event Romaria Cultural which was made by João Nuno Ribeiro. The illustration is available for examination and download and can be used as an effective part of the work or just for inspiration.

02. Work Exhibitions:
This initiative comprises an online exhibition and a conventional public exhibition. Every work received until 25th of July will be part of the public exhibition that will take place during the 5th edition of the event Romaria Cultural (27, 28 and 29th of July).

03. Organização/Morada:
Work shipping address:

GO Romaria – Associação Cultural Gouveense
Club Camões, avenida 1 de Maio Nº9
6290-541 Gouveia, Portugal


04. Terms and conditions:
– open to every artist, from Portugal or other country;
– artists may apply individually or in group;
– maximum of 3 works per artist, free format;
– free technique, including works with audio-visual elements*

Every work should be submitted by conventional mail to the address indicated above and correctly identified with author and title.

05. Form information must include:
– Author name
– Address
– City
– Country
– e-mail
– Number of submitted works and designations
“I declare that I have been informed and I accept the terms and conditions of my participation.”
– Date (day/month/year)
– Signature

06. Deadline:
No limit

07. On-line exhibition:
To be published starting on August 1st, 2018

08. Prize:
– There is no prize.
– A catalogue will be made after the 100º work has been received. This catalogue will include a certain number of selected works and will be shared with the authors of this works. Catalogue works’ selection will be made by one member of the association, a drawing artist and a plastic artist, which names will be announce at the association website and social media (after receiving work number 100).**.

09. Intellectual property rights:
Works will not be returned. Authors should agree to transfer work property to the coordination entity (GO Romaria Association). Works can be reproduced by the coordination entity for event promotion without intellectual property rights payment.
In this situation, it is mandatory to inform the authors and mention the authors’ name and work designation.

10. Participation Certificate:
Certificates will be send to all participants who explicitly request it.

* The reception of works by email are only admissible if the chosen format is video
** The seleccion of the works to enter the catalog will be done by a member of the association, an illustrator and one plastic artist, those names will be published on the site and social networks of the association after the reception of the 100th work.